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History of Nissan begins with the opening of the plant Kwaishinsha Co. in 1911 founded by the son of a wealthy Japanese businessman, Masujiro Hashimoto, who was educated in Detroit. The first car company was called "Dat Car". It was the abbreviations of the names of the investors, but at the same time in Japanese means "agile, nimble" (and in fact for those times, 32 km/h speed was really a major score!). Later, merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. Ltd and after several modifications, the company received its current name and on December 26, 1933, was announced as Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. which is now known around the world.

After the Second World War, the production of Datsun cars was resumed, the first Nissan Patrol was introduced, then Austin (according to the agreement with Austin Motor Co. Ltd. (UK), Datsun Bluebird. In the 1960s by building two more plants and absorb Prince Motor Co., Ltd., Nissan expands its production capacity and range of produced cars.

In the 1970s, Nissan launched Datsun 240Z, which became at that time the best-selling sports car in the world! Since then, the engineers at Nissan began to amaze the automotive world with its innovations: created the first pilot safe car, introduced 3-tier system Catalytic exhaust gas, become a pioneer in the development and use of CAD/CAM systems (systems of designing cars with the help of computers and industrial robots).

Nissan Technical Center was opened in November 1981. The achievements of this unit were: CVT, seat belt, which was stretched at the time of sudden braking, Altima hybrid car, leads in the world in the development of transmissions with continuously variable gear ratio, brand name - Hyper CVT. Automobiles of segment D since 1997 - the opening of a completely new field of activities. This transmission was started to be equipped with the models of Primera, Bluebird, Avenir with engines volumes of 1.8 and 2 liters. These models were not only the first car of the D segment which was equipped with CVT but the world's first car with two-liter engine and this transmission.

The company in its development never stopped for a second, every day developing and introducing new technologies. A good example is the new crossover of B class Nissan Juke, which the company successfully managed to combine something impossible: the power of an SUV with sporty style in a compact body. In 2012, Nissan Juke complete set was significantly expanded in Nismo tuning and musical instrument by Ministry of Sound. 

Nissan supports global environmental initiatives: the company first began mass production of cars with zero level of harmful exhaust gasses – Leaf. Since Nissan began developing lithium-ion batteries in 1992, it was able to increase their energy capacity to 1100% and 16 times reduce costs. Using a special quick-charging station from the mains DC 50 kW battery can charge 80% in 30 minutes. When connecting to a home outlet to fully charge takes 8 hours. Full charge is enough to Leaf drive 160 km.

In 2012, Nissan has presented a fully upgraded Nissan Gtr. This car was called "Porsche killer" for its speed of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. And in 2013, this car fell under the scope of the design Bureau of the NISMO, which would prepare its own version of the supercar tuning. To stay ahead, speed and excitement, in 2006, the program was created by Nissan Sports Adventure, directed on the support of extreme sports. Nissan Outdoor Games - Europe's largest competition for active sports outdoors, during which each team must prepare a 5-minute film about its adventures. The Cup and the championship on a mountain bike, Nissan UCI Mountain Bike is to the strongest having talented athletes who compete in the course of the 12 stages in 11 countries. And in the freeride world tour, the best athletes in Alpine skiing and snowboarding compete for Grand prize by Nissan. After all, Nissan ensures that the more complex the task, the more effort applied, the more interesting to live!

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