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The most interesting facts about the Bentley company

1. The Bentley company (Bentley) was founded in 1919.

2. A founder of the company is Walter Owen Bentley.

3. Bentley belongs to the Volkswagen company (already since 1998 is part of the Volkswagen).

4. The Bentley cars are manufactured in Great Britain.

5. The very first Bentley car was exhausted in 1919.

6. The first SUV of the company is — Bentley Dominator (1994). Specially for the sultan of Brunei, 6 such cars were manufactured (the cost of each 3 million pounds sterling).

7.  In 2011, the company was announced to release its first crossover (not including the Bentley Dominator), in 2012 the concept of an off-road car "Bentley EXP 9 F" (the official name of this crossover Bentley Bentayga) was introduced. Estimated cost is more than 200 thousand Euro. The first owner of this car is the English Queen Elizabeth II.

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