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Volkswagen is an automobile concern with headquarters located in Germany in the city of Wolfsburg which parent company is Volkswagen Group. This giant auto concern, by the number of car sales, is in the first place among car makers in Europe and is in the second place in the world, having conceded superiority to the Japanese producer of the Toyota cars. This Group, which consists of many car companies, in addition to passenger cars, manufactures trucks and buses.

Volkswagen AG is one of the largest players in the market of car manufacturers,  it is one of the first places in terms of volume sales. The company owns car factories located in 15 countries around the world that produce the following car brands - Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Skoda, SEAT, Volkswagen.

Volkswagen AG - is probably the only German brand, which with certainty can be called a cult. The model range of the brand includes both the budget automobiles and also premium class vehicles. But regardless of the price range, all Volkswagen cars differ in comfort, reliability, and safety. That's what they are valued and loved in every country and on every continent.

The Volkswagen carmaker continued to develop and further performed purchase of a number of producers of cargo vehicles and buses. In 2009 about 71% of the shares Scania AB, and in 2011 nearly 56% of MAN AG are acquired. Also, Volkswagen is also the partial owner (49.9% of shares) of Porsche AG, one of the owners of the Japanese company Suzuki.

One of the latest acquisitions of Volkswagen became the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A, the transaction was completed in April 2012. Volkswagen cars made at its own 48-car assembly factories of the company, located around the world.

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