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Its embodiment are cars of the GMC company. Today it is one of the largest automobile concerns in the world, uniting under its own name many famous automobile brands. But initially the company was focused on the creation of only trucks.

Development of the Concern

Significantly increase the production of the North American automotive corporation allowed military orders during the First World War. In total, about 10 thousand trucks were produced and supplied to the army in these years. Accumulated capital allowed to begin modernization of production.

Another world conflict has allowed GMC to be enriched significantly. This time the corporation made a huge number of the equipment and equipment for army, including submarines, tanks, amphibian conveyors. DUKW became the most popular model.

Post-War Period

In 1968 GMC produces new model of the truck under the designation Astro-95. In it, again began to use the layout, where the cabin was above the engine. They got a windshield with a better view, a dashboard and a design. Mass production of these trucks was discontinued only in 1987. In 1988, GMC began co-production of trucks with the Volvo concern under the designation New Family, which continues to this day.


The modern model range of the North American concern consists of the minivan Safari, the SUV Yukon, the minivan Savana, the pickup Sonoma, the SUV Envoy. All these models are not popular in Europe and the countries of the commonwealth. They are the personification of the American idea of what a car should be, in particular, a mid-sized, multifunctional truck - pickup.

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