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    Porsche is a well-known German company that specializes in the production of prestigious and expensive sports cars. First ever Porsche car was produced in 1900. Most models of this manufacturer have a rear-engine layout and are equipped with opposing engines. The main plant is located on the territory of Germany in the city of Stuttgart.

11 little-known facts about Porsche - one of the most expensive automotive brands

    1. Porsche belongs to Volkswagen concern

Volkswagen owns such famous automotive brands as Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.

    2. Under the Porsche brand hookahs are produced

Many people know that Porsche produces pens and watches. But it turns out that under this famous automobile brand also produced hookahs and bongos. Their distinctive feature is elegant design and high price. For a hookah Porsche you will have to pay $ 2000.

    3. Porsche created 19 versions of one model

Porsche 911 which was provided in 1963 at the Frankfurt motor show received 19 versions of embodiment.

    4. Porsche created the first-ever electric car

The first car on the electric motor developed Ferdinand Porsche in 1898. The car was called "Electric Vehicle Egger-Lohner, Model C.2 Phaeton" or briefly - P1

    5. The Porsche company initially was engaged in consulting

By Porsche it was based as the company developing engines and rendering consulting services. The first car under this brand came out only 10 years after the company was founded.

    6. Porsche took part in development of design of tanks

Specialists of the Porsche company took part in development of design of tanks of times of World War II, in particular the Tiger (P) tank. However, development of Porsche wasn't crowned with success. 

    7. Ferdinand Porsche was the driver of the prince

Ferdinand Porsche was the driver of Prince of Hungary and Bohemia Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In 1902 he served in the army. Already in the 1930s he visited the USSR. He was offered to move to the country of the Soviets with all his design bureaus, but he refused.

    8. Porsche has favorite colors

Porsche cars can be painted in any color. But most buyers prefer red, black and white.

    9. Ferdinand Porsche during the First World War developed military equipment

During World War I Ferdinand Porsche developed the onboard trail cars with wheels working at separate nodal engines for army. 

   10. Till 2003 the Porsche company did not issue off-road vehicles

The first off-road vehicle descended from the conveyor Porsche only in 2003. Thanks to popularity of the brand around the world and magnificent picking the car was doomed to success. 

   11. Porsche on the track

In 1952 John von Neumann chose the Porsche 356 car for participation in races. In order to increase the high-speed quality of the car, he ordered a car without painting the body and the lining of the cabin. At that time, Porsche in the US was not yet popular.

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