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Lotus Cars — English company specializing in the release of sports and racing cars. Since 1996, it belongs to Proton concern, Malaysia. Lotus company is founded in 1953 by the talented engineer Colin Chapmen who manufactured "Austin Seven" model in the garage and sold them in 1940. Initially, Lotus cars were located in former stables building in a suburb of London. Since 1966, production of cars was moved at the modern plant near the town of Hotel in Norfolk County. The first cars of original development under Lotus brand were light two-seat roadster models Mark 6 and Mark 7, which were purchased for participation in competitions.

Serious success to Lotus company came in 1957. For the first time in history at sports competitions, the victory was won by Lotus 25 and Lotus 7 models, which were already known and popular cars at that moment. By the end of 1950, the company gains high activity in the production activity. In 1966, a presentable coupe of Lotus Europa released. It was this car that drew the attention of the most passionate admirers of the British style of the motor industry. The new Lotus Elite II version appeared in 1972. The car with a coupe body of fiberglass and 2-liter four-cylinder engine deserved success in fans of sports cars.

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Lotus Elise collection

Lotus Elise

Models years available: 1996-2018

Models available: 33

Average rating: 3.9
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Lotus Evora

Models years available: 2009-2018

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Lotus Exige

Models years available: 2000-2017

Models available: 32

Average rating: 4.3

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