Global vehicle sales in January grew by 4.3 percent

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Increase global vehicle sales

Experts calculated sales of world market that was increased in January 2017. According to data obtained by Autostat Agency in a consulting company LMC Automotive, the number of sold cars in the world in January grew by 4.3% to 7 million 523 thousand units.

The leader of the world ranking in sales of new cars was again China in January, China sold 2 million 555 thousand cars, which tells about the growth of 0.4%. This is followed by America with a score of 1 million 120 thousand cars (-0,5%). The number of cars sold in Western Europe increased by 10.1% and amounted to 1 million 248 thousand units.

The market of Eastern Europe also shows a positive trend. So, at the end of the last month, there were sold 230,3 thousand cars, which is 5.6% more compared to the corresponding period last year. Meanwhile, Russian car market showed a negative trend — sales of cars fell by 5%. In other countries in the region, sales of new cars, in general, has improved. The growth of sales was also recorded in Turkey.

In South America, the dealers managed to realize 233,4 thousand new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This is 14.3% more than the previous year.

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