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How To Economize Fuel Consumption

Fuel economy depends on the style of driving. You can get very different results in fuel consumption on the same road at the same degree of the load by the same transport. The difference can be even calculated in liters and this is surely unwanted excessive fuel consumption.

Adhering simple rules, fuel consumption of the car could be easily minimized.

The more often use the brake pedal, the more often you will have to use gas. The more frequently you accelerate, the higher fuel consumption is required for the same distance. Therefore, why would you accelerate if it is obvious that you have to stop at traffic lights after several meters? Instead of stopping the car immediately, you can just dump the gas and stop smoothly. If the aim is to save fuel, you should forget about accelerating and dynamic driving. If you like dynamic driving, you need to forget about minimizing fuel consumption! That is the first basic rule.

The situation does not lead to fuel economy when a car is on the slope and its position is held by clutch and gas pedals. In this situation, besides consuming more fuel, it leads to more rapid failure of the clutch. In such situations, it is better to keep the car on the handbrake.

If you change a gear to the wrong speed (does not apply to automatic gearboxes), fuel consumption will be definitely increased and sometimes significantly. It does not matter whether it is lower or higher, any engine will increase its appetite. Obviously, if you drive a car on third speed, where it is already time to switch to the fourth, the fuel overrun will not small, and vice versa.

Each car has a certain speed at which you can maximize the economical drive on the highway. Most often the scope of cruising speed is between 80 km/h and 110 km/h depending on the vehicle. After reaching the desired speed, you need a slight touch of the gas pedal in order to keep the speed. Thus, you can identify a minimum possible fuel consumption of your car.

We ofter face to traffic jams in city life. Therefore, to reduce fuel consumption: petrol, diesel or gas, always plan your route that most probably avoids traffic jams and local traffic congestions. Always worth thinking about moving around such places by using plan B. It is always better to move than burning gasoline by spending more time in urban traffic jams.

How fuel consumption is affected by auto air conditioning, lights, heating systems, and music

Effect of air conditioning to fuel consumption

Generally, turning on an air conditioning in the car increases fuel consumption by 2 liters, so sometimes, it is worth opening car windows. On the highway, opening windows significantly increases fuel consumption, so at a speed of more than 80 km/h when choosing between open windows or using air conditioning, undoubtedly wins the second. If the car is equipped with climate control, proper usage of the technology will keep comfort as well as fuel consumption.

How headlights affect fuel consumption

Headlights increase fuel consumption by about 1-2%, so do not forget to turn them off when they are not needed. Using powerful headlights offered by car manufacturers and changing the original headlights to brighter ones also lead to increasing fuel consumption as well as overheating and melting lights if their power consumption does not match.

Effect of cabin heater to fuel consumption

As headlights, cabin heating system has an impact on car fuel consumption that increases the appetite of the engine. To minimize the consumption, you do not have to select maximum fan speed, if the minimum option is a sufficient speed. It is better to select a maximum temperature on the regulator and minimum fan speed.

Influence of heating of windshield, side mirrors, and seats on fuel consumption

As all onboard electrical devices, heating of windshield, side mirrors, and seats tend to increase fuel consumption. Some of these electrical appliances are automatically turn on and off, so it is not worth to worry about overspending fuel, but if they are not automatic, it should better not to forget about turning off as soon as they are done their job. In addition, using these technologies all the time leads to repairing wiring in a short period.

Impact of multimedia system on fuel consumption

Even listening to music in the car might significantly increase fuel consumption. Of course, the speech is not about simple music player with minimum options. Overspending fuel consumption can be affected by high volume capable, powerful speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer. This set of equipment is even capable of draining the battery with a serious load on the generator even when the engine is turned on as it is not designed for such energy consumption.

Motor oil for fuel economy

It's no secret that quality of fuel and lubricants directly affect the durability of the engine and other components of the car. It is best to use semi-synthetic or synthetic oils for car motors. Compared to mineral oil, semi-synthetic motor oil will save up to 2-3% fuel while synthetic oil as much as 5% on average. Thus, for maximizing fuel efficiency, lifetime engine and other units of the car, you must use quality engine oil that was recommended by the manufacturer. For the maximum effect, it is highly recommended to replace the existing oil for an engine and gearbox on time.

When using a car in extreme or severe climatic conditions, it is better to change the oil twice more frequently than advised by the manufacturer. This will significantly increase the lifetime of the engine and preserve the original performance as long as possible. In fact, oil in the freezing cold weather changes its quality by losing lubricating properties. Therefore, try to pay attention to the date of manufacture when buying and if the oil has already survived 2 winters or more it is worth considering because it was likely kept in cold storage.

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