Ukraine plans to start production of electric vehicles

22 Feb 2017 3114views Comments ?
Ukraine plans to start production of electric vehicles

Head of Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced ambitious plans for possible production of new electric cars. The senior officer claims that for the launch of such production may help one of the leaders in electromobility. Among these companies, a number of European (Fiat and Volkswagen) and Japanese automakers (Toyota, Nissan, and Suzuki) were listed.


Although such statements, against the background of a severe fall production of cars in Ukraine look fantastic, in reality, there is some truth there. Last year, Ukrainian car market has experienced a very rapid growth of sales of similar cars. During the year, Ukrainians have acquired 1.7 million electric cars, which is several times more than all previous years.


An increase of the market growth made the service’s sector better. Just over a year, the number of charging stations for electric vehicles increased from 153 to 577. In addition, 44 fast charging stations were built, which previously in the country did not exist. An even greater boost in sales can contribute to the adoption of the law on the abolition of VAT (21%) to electric vehicles that will significantly reduce their cost. The bill is already on consideration in the Supreme Rada.

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