Jaguar Land Rover has registered 29 new names for their future cars

21 Mar 2017 8374views Comments ?
Jaguar land rover has registered 29 new names for their future cars

The patent bureau of Great Britain has registered 29 names from the Jaguar Land Rover company. The firm has issued official names for the future cars.

Media have no complete list of the registered names, however some names have appeared in the general access. Among them are Freestyle, P-Type, XJS, T-Type, Westminster, Range Rover Classic and Landy. This list is quite interesting according to experts.

In this list there are also names which will be used for a car with the electric engine. Also, experts note that you should not expect all 29 cars at once. Some names are made for models just in case.

In the nearest future it will be possible to buy only Jaguar XJS. It will be the sports coupe. However it is not confirmed information therefore it is worth waiting for the official statement.

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