Ferrari presented the fastest sports car in history

14 Mar 2017 3277views Comments ?
2017 ferrari 812 superfast

The premiere of the fastest car Ferrari 812 Superfast was held at the International Auto Show in Geneva.

The new supercar is designed to replace the F12 Berlinetta model and called the fastest car in the history of the Italian concern. From the place the car goes to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds. Top speed is equal to 340 kilometers per hour.

We created the most powerful serial model in our history, we had to work much. Modern design, innovative aerodynamics, powerful engine, fresh interior, new wheel and seats, multimedia system. A lot of things in this car are made from scratch. And the one who takes the wheel shall correspond to it. Ferrari 812 Superfast is an example of how the supercar shall look today.
— said the Head Marketing manager of the Ferrari company Nicolas Boari.

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